Ladies Dorm Accents


desk lamp + pretty pillows + extra storage + accent chair + flip-flop sofa + pouf + warm blankets + floor rug + wall art + lamps = everything you need to make your college dorm room your perfect home away from home.

desk lamp multitasker

Balancing attending multiple classes, studying for tests, participating in clubs, cheering on your team at the big game and grabbing coffee with your friends, you’ll master the art of multi-tasking. This lamp is the ultimate multi-tasker by lighting up your dorm room with brightness from its texture and function. The shiny metal facade brings luminosity to your desk, while it’s adjustable neck directs the light exactly where you need it, and a built-in USB port allows for convenient charging of mobile devices. The versatility and convenience from this desk lamp allows you to focus and balance all your important tasks — a brilliant idea.

personalize with pillows

Pillows crank up the coziness, dress up drab dorm rooms and personalize your place. Plush and pleasant they bring the comfort of home to your room. Vivid and colorful, they overtake the stale atmosphere of undecorated dorm rooms. Hip and unique, each pillow brings out your special style. Don’t be afraid to mix and match to let your personality shine through! The colorful, chevron pillow boosts charisma with it’s energy and excitement, while the elegance of the green patterned pillow adds sophistication and the ruched pink pillow blossoms with texture and voluminous style that creates an ethereal mood. Make your room undeniably yours!

xtra storage

Let’s face it dorm rooms aren’t well-known for their spaciousness; you’ll definitely need some extra storage. This bookcase gives you a stylish way to shelve your favorite reads and, of course, your textbooks. It’s also a great place display photos of your family and friends. Creating a laid-back studious place, the X-motif sides and back paired with the top’s distressed finish brings an industrial yet chic vibe. Expand your space with extra storage!

crowd-pleasing comfy chair

Besides being your sleeping quarters, study space, and dining room, your dormitory is also a place to hang out with your friends. Extra comfy seating will elevate your room, making it the place to be. We love how the this vibrant accent chair puts a fresh touch on fabrics and clean-lined form. Chic and streamlined, it’s the perfect size to complete your space. What’s more is that the curved back cushion and lumbar pillow blend style and comfort  — two things that are essential in dorm room decor.

functional + funky flip-flop sofa

Your dorm room doesn’t have to lack funky style or functionality when it comes to seating and sleeping. In fact, funky and functional are highly encouraged to make your dorm room stand out! Ever so stylish, your friends will never suspect that the sofa they’re sitting on can convert to a futon bed. With its ultra plush pillow top cushioning, deep tufting, and fresh contemporary style, this flip flop sofa is custom made for comfy lounging and a great night’s sleep. Rest assured, the back raises and lowers with ease.

practical patterned pouf

A clever idea is including not only practicality but also style into your dorm room. Providing additional seating as well as much needed color and charm, this pouf is highly versatile and incredibly artful. The ribbon-like trim forms an intriguing geometric pattern bringing in fashionable style, while the woven wool adds a clever touch with its durability. Show off your smarts with this functional and adorable pouf!

warm + cozy blankets

With the bleak, dim nature of empty dorms, it’s essential to fill your room with homey and welcoming details. And nothing brings in the comfort of home like a colorful and soft blanket. Adding inviting and bold details, these blankets are also useful for relaxation, whether it be lounging on the sofa for a movie marathon, curling up with a good book or just hanging out chatting with friends. Cover up boring details of dorm rooms with blankets that wrap you up in warmth and coziness.

fresh floor flair

Dorm rooms are a blank slate — including the floors! So, don’t forget to bring the style all the way down to cover the bland carpet or tile. This vivid orange rug shows how a fresh, crisp color is just the flair that’s needed to make an unique statement. Dark shadows and light highlights flow seamlessly for a fascinating rich look with wonderful versatility. Freshen up your floors with a rug that’s full of flair and fun!

artistic expression

Dress up those plain white walls with your personality in the form of art. These graphic paintings bring in the right amount of appealing colors, interesting details, and inspiring statements. In such a small space, its important to have a focal point. Hanging these works of art in your dorm room will draw your eye up and away from the dull blank walls and add balance, design, and interest to your space. Make an artistic expression!

a homey glow

Florescent lighting can make a dorm room feel cold and dingy. To make your dorm room feel more like home, give it a warm glow with a lamp. With its striking finish, this flashy blue table lamp takes it a step further by electrifying your space with color. In addition, the modified white drum shade and contoured vase give the finishing touches to a stunning piece that can’t be ignored. The combination of it’s homey ambiance with its intense hue will erase the dreariness, and instead, light up your room.

Decorating your dorm is easy and effortless with these essentials. By taking your dorm room from drab to fab, even a small space can have big style and a small budget can create a big impact!

Guys Dorm Decor

AFI_CSianko_DormDecor_Blog2_01Heading off to college and living on your own can be exciting, but the standard issue dorm rooms with plain white walls feel ‘blah’ and boring. Combat the dullness with a few colorful and unique pieces and you’ll have your new abode feeling like home in no time!

Pop of Personality pillows

Most dorm rooms are dull, making them in dire need of some color and character. Pillows are the perfect opportunity to express your personality and create a space that’s unique to you. The mustard pillow cover sends a beam of sunshine into your room, while the neutral, woven pillow cover offers a warm rustic welcome. The earth tones of neutral, striped pillow make it the essence of laid back style. Lastly, infuse drama and contrast into your dorm room with a splash of saturated color with a black pillow cover. Using all four pillows will create a personalized, eclectic vibe in your dorm room!

Iconic images

Cover those boring walls by including excitement and color to your dorm walls with some expressive wall art. Not only does it add energy with its brush strokes and color, but the pop art elements of the paintings show off a cool slice of life in the Big Apple. With renderings of Radio City Music Hall and the Brooklyn Bridge, this dynamic duo will turn your room into an iconic image!

let there be light

Turn off the harsh fluorescent light that’s common in dorm rooms and turn on the warm, homey glow of this metal arc lamp. It’s a bright idea for lighting up your room in a stylish and smart way. Allowing you to let there be light exactly where you see fit with its adjustable arm and neck and with its dimmer switch on the post this lamp is functional and convenient.

sofa flip flop

This flip flop sofa is great for your minimal spaced dorm room because it maximizes functionality. It transforms from a sleek sofa — perfect for hanging out with friends, gaming or watching TV — to a practical bed for overnight guests. To lay flat all you have to do is simply recline.

Flashy Floors

Bringing a flashy energy to your room is this vibrantly colored and expressive rug. Not only does it cover the cold morning floors, but it also brings warmth to your dorm room with its warm red, tan, and burgundy color scheme.

handsome desk lamp

Since you’ll be studying note cards and writing term papers, a sturdy desk lamp is essential for college students. Call it steampunk, industrial or vintage, there’s no argument that this desk lamp is a handsome addition to your dorm room. A woven shade produces a warm glow, while the adjustable neck ensures that you have light exactly where you need it, so you can be precise and studious.

Blankets of boldness

Make your dorm room feel more like home. Excellent for an another layer in the winter months, for wrapping up in to read a book or watch a movie, and for adding another pop of color, this soft, yet bold throw blanket will keep you warm and your room polished.

Perfect Pouf

Let’s face it, dorm rooms are can be cramped. So, it’s imperative to bring versatile decor to get the most out of the small space. That’s why this pouf is perfect! It can function as a seat, table and footrest all in one. On top of that is that the woven herringbone pattern has swank appeal that creates an effortless style in your dorm room.

College dorm rooms are a blank slate, but that doesn’t mean you can’t express yourself. With so many unique ways to infuse your personal style into your new place, you can be inspired to display your individuality.  Have fun and be creative with decorating your room!

Brilliant Rooms


Brilliant isn’t just another word for genius. It also refers to brightness, radiance, and color  – a ray of sunshine, a sparkling ocean, or a vibrant painting. Brilliance doesn’t sit in the back and fade into the background. Brilliance stands out, makes you look, and brings you to awe. Brilliance is bold, expressive, smart, creative, and strong. Brilliance has the ability to transfer spaces from dark and gloomy to bright and shiny. It doesn’t take a genius to add brilliance into your home. Follow these seven brilliant ideas to sharpen your Home Brilliancy IQ.




One of the first things you must think about is your color scheme. Brilliance is thought through and planned. Don’t be afraid, be bold, and go for bright colors. Pick one for your wall color and one for your sofa (see #6) and the rest will be accent colors. Thinking vibrantly is thinking brilliantly.


Artwork and accents are awesome avenues for adding vivid details. Look for details that match your color scheme and remember that shades and tints help add variation and contrast to you room. It’s the little, but vibrant elements that will make your room feel unique and stylish. Brilliance is detail-orientated.


Don’t forget that luminosity is another form of brilliancy. Lamps are a genius way of adding light and color. Elements with dual purpose show your wisdom for brilliancy and will help your rooms glow in more ways than one!

#4 Bright blankets

Leave no detail uncolored. Versatile and practical, blankets are an intelligent way to bring a bold, yet comfortable atmosphere to you room. Drape them over your chairs and sofa or stack them in a basket to bring brilliance to unexpected places and keep you and your guests cozy.

#5 Radiant rugs

Brilliant rooms don’t hold back and are filled with glowing color from floor to ceiling. So don’t ignore the brilliant opportunity to play with patterns and magnify your color scheme with a rug. Lay a big, graphic rug that compliments your sofa and wall color to instantly bring boldness to your floors and your entire room.

#6 statement sofa

One of the most noticeably, wise ways to add brilliance into your home is with a statement sofa. Bright and bold seating instantly expresses your zest for life and brings radiance to your room. To make your sofa stand out, choose a color that pops against your wall color. Being brilliant means taking a lively and bold stance.

#7 Powerful Pillows

Pillows are paramount in producing brilliance in your home. From color to shine to texture to shape, they bring in dynamic design elements that have the power to elevate a space from dim to brilliant. Extra brilliant points for adding a yellow pillow that represents the sun in shape, color, and shine.

Look around your home. Is it brilliant or is your home feeling vague and dull? Give your home a brilliant touch with dazzling, vivid colors through sofas, rugs, pillows and accessories and say hasta la vista to boring, empty spaces and hello to a more impressive abode.